Makeups Lucky Bag
Makeups Lucky Bag
Makeups Lucky Bag
Makeups Lucky Bag
Makeups Lucky Bag
Makeups Lucky Bag
Makeups Lucky Bag

Makeups Lucky Bag

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Happy shopping surprise, lucky to take home.
?Only $9.99 ?

Lucky bag activity rules:

There are 6 lucky numbers, and each number represents one of the products; can you choose the product you like? Give it a try! ! !

Product detail presentation:

  • 4 Points Eyebrow Pen: Our specially designed four tip pen creates strokes that naturally come together to form a beautiful eyebrow that perfectly frames your face for any makeup look.
  • Mermaid Sequins Cosmetic Bag: New fashion mermaid sequins makeup bag, lazy makeup bag new listing!!!Double-sided sequins, fashionable new style, waterproof new upgrade! Large capacity, practical and portable, double-sided sequins fashion upgrade! Travel companion, small size, large capacity, suitable for travel or go out, portable.
  • High-Density Seamless Foundation Brush: Use this professional foundation brush to achieve a smooth and poreless coverage finish in seconds.
  • New Style Comb: New Style Comb is an innovative hair styling brush increasing hair volume. make your hair still full of fluffy, but super smooth and shiny.
  • Hairdressing Tools: A practical styling tool suitable for parties or banquets, which can help you easily weave various retro hairstyles.
  • Pain-free Eyebrow Trimmer: A quick, easy and pain-free method of styling eyebrows without the need for pain-our eyebrow trimmer, you can give yourself the eyebrows you want without pain.

There is information about Lucky Bag:

  • Lucky bags cannot be used with coupons.
  • All items you choose will random to send, every piece of Lucky Bag is genuine, please rest assured to buy.
  • You just can't see what is inside beforehand. Just buy a product and draw the mysterious product randomly, which picks from these pictures.
  • The value of what's inside is always higher than what you pay, so you will get not only a surprise but also a great deal!

Notices :

  • Lucky Bag DO NOT support returns and replacement, in addition to product quality.