Household lucky bag
Household lucky bag
Household lucky bag
Household lucky bag
Household lucky bag
Household lucky bag
Household lucky bag

Household lucky bag

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Happy shopping surprise, lucky to take home.
?Only $9.99?

Lucky bag activity rules:

There are 6 lucky numbers, and each number represents one of the products; can you choose the product you like? Give it a try! ! !

Product detail presentation:

  • Punch-Free Wall Hanging Patch Panel Holder: Punch-Free Wall Hanging Patch Panel Holder is a very practical household perforation-free Panel Holder, which can fix the insert board, router, remote control, etc. Insert board of various sizes is universal, which provides great convenience for life.
  • Retractable Gap Dust Cleaner: Retractable Gap Dust Cleaner clean gaps easier and quicker with the flat design, it can reach the narrowest gap and attract dust and hair firmly, while cutting down your dusting time.
  • Automatic Needle Threading Device: A handy thread guide for all sewers, young and old. Help to solve the frustrating needle threading problem.
  • Mold Remover Gel: You can easily get rid of black and brown stains, kill bacteria and prevent mold recurrence.ultimate effective mold stain removal solution.
  • Sofa Bedside Felt Storage Bag: Keep things beside you, easy reach and no more lost. The bedside caddy organizer can store all of your belongings, no more clutter from your bed, sofa & desk. Will make you feel good.
  • Portable Mini Sealing Household Machine: This Portable Mini Heat Sealing Machine will help you save tons on opened snack bags.  It's great for sealing them back up and making them airtight again. Extend its preservation time!

    There is information about Lucky Bag:

    • Lucky bags cannot be used with coupons.
    • All items you choose will random to send, every piece of Lucky Bag is genuine, please rest assured to buy.
    • You just can't see what is inside beforehand. Just buy a product and draw the mysterious product randomly, which picks from these pictures.
    • The value of what's inside is always higher than what you pay, so you will get not only a surprise but also a great deal!

    Notices :

    • Lucky Bag DO NOT support returns and replacement, in addition to product quality.