Care and Fashion Lucky Bag
Care and Fashion Lucky Bag
Care and Fashion Lucky Bag
Care and Fashion Lucky Bag
Care and Fashion Lucky Bag
Care and Fashion Lucky Bag
Care and Fashion Lucky Bag

Care and Fashion Lucky Bag

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Happy shopping surprise, lucky to take home.
?Only $9.99?

Lucky bag activity rules:

    There are 6 lucky numbers, and each number represents one of the products; can you choose the product you like? Give it a try! ! !

    Product detail presentation:

    • Fashion Fitness Yoga Band Resistance:It is ideal for strengthening the abdomen, waist and legs, arms, hips, thighs and working on the abdomen at the same time. Very suitable for strength training at home.
    • Nano Polished Glass Nail File:ully polished painless nail files, get rid of the nail damage caused by ordinary nail files and unhealthy chemical nail polishes. The ultra-thin size can flexibly polish the periphery and edges of the nails.
    • Ultralight Breathable Sunproof Sleeve Shawl:The unique design can effectively resist 99.99% of ultraviolet rays. Keep the skin away from freckles, dark spots, dullness and peeling, and avoid premature aging.
    • Summer Beach Fisherman Hat:If you spent last summer folding and mashing your straw hat into shape, you definitely need to consider our foldable trendy sunhat. With its big, bold bow that neatly rolls up, this hat is packable for on the go travel!
    • Prevent Accidental Exposure Of Buttons:When the neckline is too large and the clothes are loose, do you accidentally come into contact with information? These buttons can solve your embassy dilemma.
    • Medical-Grade Nail Clippers:Do you suffer from thick or painful ingrown nails? Our Precision Toenail Clippers is especially recommended for those with troubles with winding nails, hard nails, two nails, nail cracks, deep nails, thickened nails.

    There is information about Lucky Bag:

    • Lucky bags cannot be used with coupons.
    • All items you choose will random to send, every piece of Lucky Bag is genuine, please rest assured to buy.
    • You just can't see what is inside beforehand. Just buy a product and draw the mysterious product randomly, which picks from these pictures.
    • The value of what's inside is always higher than what you pay, so you will get not only a surprise but also a great deal!

    Notices :

    • Lucky Bag DO NOT support returns and replacement, in addition to product quality.