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Car Accessories lucky bag
Car Accessories lucky bag
Car Accessories lucky bag
Car Accessories lucky bag
Car Accessories lucky bag
Car Accessories lucky bag
Car Accessories lucky bag

Car Accessories lucky bag

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Happy shopping surprise, lucky to take home.
    ?Only $9.99?

    Lucky bag activity rules:

    There are 6 lucky numbers, and each number represents one of the products; can you choose the product you like? Give it a try! ! !


    • Car Net PocketOrganize your items in your car and makes it neat! Easy mount on any area of your car install it anywhere you want. Strong and durable won't drop for lack of resilience and so prevents lost items inside your car.
    • Wiper Restorer:Your wiper blades can last much longer than you realize. With this simple tool, you can increase the life of your wiper blades 3x. Saving hundreds of dollars over the tools lifetime, providing a quality product that is easy to use, smooth the surface of your blades for clear vision in harsh weather conditions. 
    • Strong Casual Paste:It's as simple as you want it to be, Just put it where you can imagine it, Your phone sticks to it easily.
    • Auto Glass Anti-fogging Agent: Applicable for the auto front windshield, window, and rearview mirror - prevent internal fogging of the window glass and mirror, making driving easier and safer.
    • Car High-density Water Absorption Sponge Block:Effectively remove hard-to-wash dirt and steel ring dirt, it is a good helper for your car wash.
    • Car Curtain Car Window Sunshade: Car window sunshades, make your car cooler inside, and let the passenger are all protected from sun exposure! They Create A Comfortable Environment for You and Your Care.

    There is information about Lucky Bag:

    • Lucky bags cannot be used with coupons.
    • All items you choose will random to send, every piece of Lucky Bag is genuine, please rest assured to buy.
    • You just can't see what is inside beforehand. Just buy a product and draw the mysterious product randomly, which picks from these pictures.
    • The value of what's inside is always higher than what you pay, so you will get not only a surprise but also a great deal!

    Notices :

    • Lucky Bag DO NOT support returns and replacement, in addition to product quality